Soo, welcome to the english section!

Disclaimer: I have a lot of non-romanian speaking friends, some of which asked for some english content, so i’ve decided to translate the site into english. I’ll try and translate all the old posts, but for now, all the new posts will have an english version, too. Hope you like it!


I’ve kept a period of silence intentionally, to mark in a way the season break, this long period between the last race from 2015 and the first one from 2016. Anyway, the year is flying by, so, there’s no time to waste, it’s time to start the season!

2016, a year with a lot of new things. I mean it, a lot! I’ll share some, the ones that I know at this time, ‘cuz i have some surprises, even for me.

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I’ve already started the training and the 2016 calendar is ready, posted here. I’ve mentioned this before (in my Romanian posts), I want to race the hardest, most grueling races found in Romania, that’s why the calendar contains the cream of the „pain-inflictors”: 4 Mountains (4 day stage race, which, obviously, goes on 4 mountain peaks) and the  Geiger MTB Challenge (long run, with it’s 93 km & 3500 meters of climbing). Five UCI races, the National Champs and my first stage race, not bad, i’d say.

Another news is the English version, the one that you’re reading. As some of you requested the English content, also considering the fact that I’m an Interstellar star (lol), i decided to make the site bilingual.

Very soon we’ll get to know my partners& sponsors, the ones that will be with me in a great 2016, a year with good health & a lot of success stories, hopefully.


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